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There are already about a billion food blogs, so what might be a justification of yet another one, and who am I to do it?

What I aim to do in this blog is more than simply provide recipes. While recipes of my own will, in fact, be posted, some of the blog will consist of a variety of comments about restaurants and their practices, food preparation tips, personal annoyances (such as loud restaurants and the epidemic of misspellings on menus), and whatever else pops into my head relating to what we put in our mouths (and swallow, I hasten to add). The whole thing is meant to be somewhat provocative. I hope, if nothing else, it won't be boring. I, of course, solicit reader participation.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To cork or not to cork

Or, to cork or to screwtop.
   I am among those who hope that screwtops become the rule rather than the exception very soon. Those who decry this recent development are pretentious snobs who are completely incapable of making a serious argument for keeping corks. “Because it’s part of the mystique” or “because the sound of the cork presages the pleasure of the liquid and elicits a frisson of excitement.” (As an aside, it's possible that this ephemeral anticipatory pleasure is similar to the same feeling I get when I hear and see a symphony orchestra tuning up prior to the concert, so I shouldn't dismiss it out of hand.) Although not nonsensical, these flimsy reasons are insufficient to offset the advantages of screwtops. The world is running out of cork; they’re superior to the increasingly common rubber ones; they preserve the wine better; they can be opened more easily; and it’s easier to screw the tops back on to preserve the wine for a couple of days, something which happens rarely in my household. 

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